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Community Star

BritCham has a growing voice in the Singaporean Business Community and is particularly strong at encouraging both international and local companies to think differently about diversity and inclusion. As Diversity Sponsor, Barclays is well placed to be at the centre of these conversations. The Awards are a great platform for highlighting excellence in community investment, sustainability and diversity.

– Andrew Colyer

Leadership in Customer Focus

The Britcham Annual Business Awards have no doubt grown into the huge success it is today offering a highly credible and professional platform for businesses to showcase their success stories. We at the British Club are proud to stand amongst the best of the industry in this year’s Leadership in Customer Focus category. It serves as a motivation to continue to grow and create more magic moments every year.

– Sean Boyle

Leadership in Diversity

As a strong supporter of the British Chamber of Commerce for many years, we recognise its important role of connecting and collaborating across business in Singapore and beyond. By gaining external recognition for our efforts, via the BritCham Business Awards, we will empower and motivate our leaders and staff to do more; to continue to be energised and passionate about creating a diverse and inclusive workplace where everyone can give their best.

– Rosie Danyluk

Leadership in Innovation & Productivity

The Annual Business Awards have grown in significance and prestige over the past 14 years. IECO nominates for the awards to show case our achievements and to benchmark ourselves against other leading businesses in Singapore. We also take the opportunity to celebrate the successes of our employees giving them an opportunity to reflect on their achievements and to encourage them to reach even higher.

– Steve Price

Leadership in Sustainability

Over the years, the BritCham Business Awards have acknowledged some of the best and most prominent businesses in Singapore and, as a company that is passionate about being the best-in-class and a leader in our field, we are keen to promote our achievements and associate ourselves with this long-running and prestigious awards network. We also feel that the linkage between Sindicatum and BritCham would enhance the visibility of the issue of sustainability and renewable energy in the region where greater awareness and action would be welcome.

– Jay Mariyappan

Small Business Rising Star

The BritCham Annual Business Awards have become a respected, industry-validated awards programme. The British Chamber is known for the high calibre of its member companies which in turn reflects on the award ceremony. That is what motivated us to apply.

– Jonathan O’Byrne

Success in Business

The BritCham Annual Business Awards provide companies with a huge amount of exposure and accolade. Our win last year in the category of Inspirational Creativity has helped us raise awareness of both our company and our creative strength as a business. We have seen first-hand a rapid increase in exposure amongst our peers, new business and in-house staff motivation. The reason for nomination is simple. For any company in Singapore, there is no better exposure available.

– Margaret Manning

Young Professional of the Year

The BritCham Annual Business Awards are widely recognised and have a great reputation for showcasing outstanding achievements and this is what motivated me to enter. Being selected as a finalist offers a great way to raise my profile in the Singapore business community and to help further develop The Fry Group’s business in the region.

– Miles Gooseman

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“BritCham has a growing voice in the Singaporean Business Community and is particularly strong at encouraging both international and local companies to think differently about diversity and inclusion.” CLICK FOR MORE
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