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Partners & Sponsors

With passion and dedication, our sponsors and partners help us fulfil our mission to recognise and honour the best in Singapore through a number of invaluable contributions. Our sponsors and partners support us and we encourage you to support them.

We thank the sponsors, media partner and supporters of 16th Annual Business Awards for their generosity and dedication to our mission.


Innovation in Business

This category is sponsored by

Cognita sponsor of the Leadership in innovation and productivity award

Cognita is proud to support 16Th Annual Business Awards which is an important initiative to recognize businesses and individuals. It allows sharing of real-life experiences in creativity, professionalism and commitment to sustainable progress. For Cognita is an important driver in constantly improving our services and level of support to our Global customers.. We, by sponsoring the Innovation in Business Awards, look forward to seeing more organizations in Singapore to showcase their commitment and endeavours in innovation this year.”

Leadership in diversity

This category is sponsored by
Barclays Bank

Barclays Bank Sponsor of Leadership In Diversity Award

wil_0141 wil_0125
“BritCham has a growing voice in the Singaporean Business Community and is particularly strong at encouraging both international and local companies to think differently about diversity and inclusion.” CLICK FOR MORE
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