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The British Chamber has been running the Annual Business Awards for over a decade, making 2015 the 16th Annual Business Awards it will be organising. The energy and enthusiasm of successful businesses, prominent academics, business leaders and thought leaders coming together over the years is reward in itself for us, and we hope that you will take part to celebrate your business and your achievements. Take the chance to stand shoulder to shoulder alongside the Best of Businesses in Singapore!

When the Awards began, the Chamber wanted to recognise and celebrate outstanding achievements across the various sectors where British businesses were active within the Singapore business community. Over the last 15 years the Annual Business Awards have expanded and evolved, supported and encouraged by sponsors, participants and winners.

We have strived over the past years to make this a meaningful and successful Awards competition and today we can proudly say that we are the only international Chamber of Commerce in Singapore that organises an Awards initiative to recognize outstanding achievements across as many as 9 different categories, from all platforms and industry sectors.

Awards, from the Oscars down, exist to acknowledge progress and creativity, to look objectively beyond the ‘heat of the battle’, to raise awareness of heroic efforts that are being made in the seemingly endless struggle of Business! Therefore, we encourage you to take time out to acknowledge your business & your staff and their ‘heroic efforts’. This process of recognition is valuable in itself as well as the additional prestige that finalists and winners undoubtedly receive.

About the British Chamber of Commerce in Singapore

Founded in 1954 as the United Kingdom Manufacturers Representatives Association, becoming the British Business Association in 1974 and known as the British Chamber of Commerce since 1998, the Chamber has a long and proud history, celebrating its 60th Anniversary in 2014. Since the beginning, we have been funded entirely by membership subscriptions and income from our activities. The Chamber’s role has evolved and adapted as the needs of the business, economic and political environments in Singapore have changed.

Members consist of British, Singaporean, International companies and individuals alike. The network presently comprises over 2,700 individuals and 400 companies.

Our Mission

Our three core functions are encompassed in our three-pillar mission statement

Building Networks – Provide a diverse and inclusive network to build opportunities for British, international and local organisations in Singapore with ties to British business.

Connecting Businesses – Encourage British trade and investment in Singapore and the Asia Pacific region and to be the authoritative voice of British business.

Creating Opportunities – Provide our member companies, and executives throughout their organisations, with practical support and advice, delivered via a range of scheduled events, on-line communities and to share knowledge and expertise.

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“BritCham has a growing voice in the Singaporean Business Community and is particularly strong at encouraging both international and local companies to think differently about diversity and inclusion.” CLICK FOR MORE
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