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2013 /  2012 /  2011

Winner for Customer Service

We feel that the BritCham Annual Business Awards have become a trusted choice for consumers looking to patronize companies with the best business practices in Singapore. Thus, we were motivated to nominate our company so that we, and our guests, could know that we are performing as well as we can for the benefit of both our guests and our crew.

– Lauren Wan

Winner for Productivity Improvement

BritCham Business Awards are prestigious and many businesses are eager to participate and win. IECO is a relatively small business in terms of headcount, but we are an industry leader in terms of best practices across different platforms and have the culture to continuously improve ourselves. The awards give us a good opportunity to benchmark our current performance to see where we stand, and at the same time to learn from the best.

– Steve Price

Winner for Professional Services

The BritCham Business Awards are a unique event in the Singapore business landscape, and the opportunity to pit ourselves against all other companies, whether British or Singaporean is very exciting. We want to celebrate the huge success that we have enjoyed in the last 12-24 months and are delighted that our philosophy and passion have been recognised and are appreciated by the wider business community.

– Philip Steggals

Winner for Small Business Rising Star of the Year

BCC is an extremely professional and highly regarded organisation here in Singapore and Portfolio Builders is delighted to both support and benefit from its work in raising standards and promoting opportunities for business here. We were motivated to nominate in order to record our progress as a business and promote our achievements through the highly respected BCC.

– Karen Anderson

Winner for Innovation in Business

The BritCham Annual Business Awards has grown from strength to strength and even local enterprises participate as well. This affirmation by the various organization, be it British or local, makes the event prestigious and also being in the finals confirms that we are competing with some of the best in the country.

– Paul Broadhead/Koh Hwee Ching (CEVA)/Tan Boon Hao

Winner for Inspirational Creativity

The ABA’s have highlighted the companies that have succeded in Singapore and provided a platform to inspire companies such as ours to make the leap to Singapore. When we were first looking to make the move to Singapore we were inspired by the 2010 winners of the ABA’s and to be honest have made it goal of ours to be honored with the same achievement.

– Margaret Manning

Winner for Education & Training

Stamford has been a strong partner of the British Chamber for the last few years and strongly values the role that they play to support and enhance the business environment in Singapore. It has been a privilege to have been nominated as a finalist the last 2 years and we are very proud to stand among strong competition for this honour in the education category. The Business Awards are an excellent opportunity for Stamford to reflect on the growth of the Awards themselves and our own growth and development over the last year.

– Eve Rogove

Winner for Exceptional CSR Practice

The BritCham Annual Business Awards has changed its award categories over the years, making it more applicable to many industries. It is a good platform for companies to showcase their strengths and share best practices. At Resorts World Sentosa, “Improving lives. Bringing hope” has been the philosophy that guides our team members and management in doing what we do, beyond the business. Through our community and charity work, we hope to inspire a greater awareness of helping others in need so that collectively we can all do our part for Singapore.

– Janice Ang

Winner for Young Professional of the Year

My perception of the Award is that it has attracted many prominent organisations to join and hence achieved a win-win scenario where the Award is seem more acclaimed and prestigious now and company who win are also elevated to achieve greater brand awareness and networth. Comparing year on year, if quality of the submissions are higher, it sets a benchmark for individuals and companies to be constantly innovating and evolving to differentiate themselves. This motivates me to join because it enables me to know where I stand in the industry and also to contantly remind myself to improve for the good of mankind and our society we do business in.

– Jingle Chen

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“We feel that the BritCham Annual Business Awards have become a trusted choice for consumers looking to patronize companies with the best business practices in Singapore.” CLICK FOR MORE
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